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Some self-promotion as I mark 5th blogiversary

First, may I just say that today is the 5th anniversary of the start of this blog. I’m glad I remembered this year on the actual day. Thanks so much for reading and commenting and supporting me.

I’ve had the interesting experience of being interviewed twice recently for stories about caregiving or Alzheimer’s. About a month ago, a writer for the website sent me questions in email for a story, asking me about how blogging has helped me in terms of creating a community and offering me a source of reinforcement and support. The site is one that has recognized this blog, having deemed it one of “18 Great Caregiver Stories on the Web.” The story appeared online without any warning, and I knew only because my stats indicated a few visits to the blog came from the site. This is my favorite passage: Writing her blog has also proved therapeutic, Caldwell says, allowing her to forgive herself for mistakes and gain insight into her emotions. “Writing about these experiences has been a way for me to support myself, in a way — to say ‘out loud’ what I think and feel and not apologize for it.”

And then, my colleagues at the university medical center produced a video story for release yesterday about a new self-administered test developed by an Ohio State neurologist that gauges cognitive function – and can be used repeatedly to detect changes over time. The doctor who created the test diagnosed Mom and treated her until she moved into the Alz center, so I am a big fan. When these video packages go out, many news stations run them as is. But the local CBS affiliate asked for a family member of an Alzheimer’s patient who could talk about the test and its potential value for other patients and families. My colleague (and longtime friend from college) asked me if I would be willing to be interviewed, and I did not hesitate to say yes. It turns out the national network asked for the local station’s video, and, lo and behold, today there I was in a video appearing on the national network’s news site. Apparently, this video – a combination of the package produced by the medical center and its partner production company and two short segments of the local video of my interview – was picked up in some other markets, including CBS in New York City. Gulp!

The most important piece of information is the existence of this test, which anyone can take at any time. A whole newsroom devoted to the story is online here if you’re interested to know more. But then there is my participation, which – what can I say? – tickles me. During the interview, I showed the videographer and reporter several photos of Mom and even videos from this blog – and they used quite a bit of that. It’s a real treat to see Mom’s images make up so much of the story, to show a real person with not just a disease, but a history and a current life that I and others try to make as worth living as it can be.

I definitely hope this blog helps lift others who are beleaguered by the caregiving experience, that it helps others know they are not alone even if caregiving feels like a very lonely experience. But there is no denying it helps me, too, as a therapeutic tool and, come on, I’ve got to be honest, it is a vehicle through which I get attention as a writer, as a caregiver, as someone who is rewarded by the interaction that results from the blog’s existence. And so, being considered a worthy source for a TV news story about Alzheimer’s is rewarding, too. With that confession, here is the CBS story. (It takes a moment for the video to load, and of course there is a commercial first.)

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