A face in the mirror

This morning, as I walked into the restroom at work, I saw what looked like Bonnie in a distant mirror. I was, of course, seeing myself. Really interesting. People have said I resemble her. I see my face as equal parts Mom and Dad most of the time. I just turned 48. Maybe now, at the age she was when I was in college, I can see the resemblance, because I don’t know that I fully appreciated her – and possibly didn’t really LOOK at her – until I was an adult. And only now, as a middle-aged adult, can I truly appreciate how exhausting life must have been for her as a single parent.

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  1. A'ndrea Elyse Messer on

    My sister just found some old photos of my mother (gone now 30 years) and we were histerical because, except for the b&w they could have been me. I know I looked like my mother, but never realized exactly how much.

  2. momsbrain on

    Hi, A’ndrea! I wonder if it’s something that becomes more apparent in adulthood, since we think of ourselves as having our own individual look and our parents are “old” from the time we have awareness of them. If that makes sense…

    I have a photo of my mom on my desk from her mid-20s, probably, and a co-worker thought it was a picture of me. I don’t really see it because I am so aware of her nose being very different and her eyes being brown and not blue, like mine. But I guess there is an overall “essence” of Bonnie that I share with her.

    Thank you for commenting!

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