Bonnie’s birthday

Mom turned 76 today. I really find it hard to believe another year has passed. I guess that’s because her status hasn’t changed significantly in the past year. I took her 75th birthday kind of hard – something about the milestone got to me. This year her birthday did not have that effect.

I gave her the same gift as last year – a Hershey bar. I think she liked it. I apparently can’t embed videos here anymore without paying something, but the link below points to a YouTube video of Mom enjoying her chocolate.

Mom enjoys a chocolate bar

She was funny. I found her lying on a couch in a little alcove along the hallway to the program area. Her eyes were closed and her knees were elevated. Time was short, so I woke her up. I sat down by her feet and started rubbing her legs. She opened her eyes and said, “What have you been doing?” “Working,” I replied. I gave her a little time to wake up and then started offering her bites of chocolate. She did not move her hands, which were wedged under her hips. So I fed her.

After she finished, she was a little bit chatty. She was sweet and occasionally made funny remarks. She said, “Goddamn sonofabitch” a few times, with a hint of disgust. I don’t know what triggered that. When I laughed at her for saying that, she’d laugh. She never changed her position, though. A nurse walked by and said she’s a good lounger. “Always has been,” I said. And that’s the truth. I took another short video, hoping to give an indication of how she talks. Of course, she was much more talkative when the camera was turned off.

A brief chat with Bonnie

I couldn’t stay long but I enjoyed the time I spent with Mom today. I was wedged into the seat and had myself draped over her raised knees. That physical closeness made me think, I am the only family she’s got here, and somehow she knows I am on her side. She was completely unafraid to find me leaning on her when she woke up. It was as if we just resumed the conversation where we had left off on Sunday. She is always telling me a story, and I try to respond in as meaningful a way as I can. When it was time to go, I kissed her forehead and nose. Her nose was cold. As I walked down the hall, I heard her singing to herself and laughing.

4 comments so far

  1. Laura on

    Happy Birthday Bonnie! See you soon. Xoxo

  2. Jeff on

    I always remember Mom’s birthday for a number of reasons, including that I play that when I play Lotto – all of our birthdays in fact. In the chocolate eating video I think she looks like Grandma in the last ten seconds or so, right when she stops looking at you. Do you think so too? Laura or Barry? Maybe it’s just me.

  3. Laura on

    I can definitely see the resemblance. Mom looks great on her birthday and
    I’m glad to see she still loves her sweets! Great clip!

  4. momsbrain on

    I don’t know if I’m as tuned in to the resemblance on this one – I tend to think that her smiley face is more of a reminder of Grandma, at least for me. But I think she looks awfully cute in these videos. She was so laid back and just going with the flow. That is kind of like Grandma, too.

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