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Wednesday evening, 6 p.m.

I stopped in to see Mom before support group last night. Two visits ago, she was grumpy with the infected salivary gland. The next time I saw her, she was stretched out on a couch in her nightgown after dinner, just lounging until it was time to go to bed. This time, she was in her nightgown again – only she was already lying in bed. Her aide greeted me and said he had just changed her and she was in her room. I found her resting with her fingers interlocked behind her head. I touched her hair gently and said hello. She remained silent and just looked at me with a blank expression. I sat at the foot of the bed and rubbed her legs. She said nothing. Her aide came in and said she sometimes likes to rest after she’s changed, but she typically goes back out to the program area for awhile in the evening before going to bed. He tapped her on the belly and said “Bonnie” a few times. She ignored him and was completely unresponsive. He shrugged and left. Mom remains consistent in her inconsistency, I guess. I watched her face and rubbed her leg. She closed her eyes and was very still. She had said virtually nothing. I wondered aloud during support group if she is beginning to withdraw, if she might be starting to slip away a little bit, but a friend who had seen Mom recently in the morning said she was as alert as she’s ever been and that she looked good. So maybe Mom was just sleepy.

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