Digital Bonnie

I’ve been wanting to get some video of Mom so I finally tried it yesterday with my phone. I had a nice visit with her before lunch. She was in the lobby, sitting by herself on the couch. Another family member was chatting with her on her way out. This woman’s husband had just died a few days before, and there she was again, visiting with other residents. I gave her my condolences. Her husband was only 66. I don’t think I knew him. She left, and I sat with Mom for about half an hour. She was so talkative, so I just did a short recording to show how she will just keep talking, telling a story, acting out parts. She also touched her lips, which were very dry. I tried to put some lip gloss on them, but she was startled by it and backed away. When I tried again a little while later, I put some on my fingertip and touched that to her lips, and she accepted it with no problem. Interesting how that small difference made all the difference. After our chat, we walked to the program area and I sat Mom on a chair, put her bib on and got her tray. Lunch was a cheeseburger, fries and beans. Mom drank some milk and picked up her fork, which surprised me. She scooped a few beans and then stabbed her cheeseburger and ate a big piece from her fork. I cut up the rest of it to make that easier for her. While she was enjoying her lunch, I returned to work.

Here is a glimpse of Mom’s storytelling.

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  1. JudyDearing on

    Oh I can’t see the video – message comes up that it’s private! She looks good. I understand about the lip gloss and your finger.

  2. momsbrain on

    Judy, I will change the setting. Sorry about that! I’m new to youtube. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Laura on


  4. Jeff on

    I like that she seems to completely enjoy this remembrance and delight in its telling.

  5. David on

    You will be very glad to have that for years to come.

  6. momsbrain on

    Laura and Jeff: It is awesome, isn’t it? She just seems so sweet. And a little goofy.

    HI, David! I agree. I need to do this more often. I wish I had done it sooner, too.

  7. Megan on

    That was fun!

  8. Jennifer Jayhawk on

    I have never seen what Alzheimer’s looks like. I just spent 20 minutes on the phone with my Mom discussing Anderson Cooper and how he appears with his guests at night in her home. I guess I have been seeing it for a long time now. I discuss Anderson and his nightly shenanigans with my Mom like it really happened. The days of “correcting” are long gone. Thank you for posting the video. It was obviously what I needed to see.

    Your Mom looks adorable by the way. What a sweet smile and laugh.

  9. momsbrain on

    Meg: I think so, too. I want to do more videos. I love to watch them.

    Jennifer: The doc who runs my support group makes a very important point with some frequency: Alzheimer’s looks different in each patient. It’s one of the MANY frustrating things about the disease – so much unpredictability! It would take a long time to learn how to talk with someone about her regular hallucinations. You are an expert in something I have never experienced!

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