Family photos

My family gathered in Columbus over the Labor Day weekend for our baby sister’s wedding. It’s funny – several people asked me if it was my sister’s first marriage, I guess because I am sort of old to have a sister getting married for the first time. This is a half sister, but it’s a distinction I don’t really bother to make unless someone needs an explanation. My parents divorced when I was young, and Dad remarried and had three additional children. My stepmother has been in my life since I was a very young girl, and she and Mom got along, and Mom and Dad got along. We were lucky. And it is fun to have a bundle of kids now (now grown) and spouse/partners around for our family gatherings.

Sister Laura, brother-in-law Tom, niece Julia, Mom, me, brother Jeff.

Someone at the Alz center also said it would be nice if Mom could go to the wedding. Well, then again, maybe not. It’s not her daughter. It’s just interesting, how the residents’ family stories are a mystery to the staff.

We all got some time with Mom. She did well with the extra company, and stayed very relaxed. We gathered in the lobby of the Alz center and took a bunch of photos. Mom barely moved the whole time, which is funny. She lounged on the couch while we all maneuvered to arrange ourselves around her. When we were done with the visit and had to get going for the wedding rehearsal festivities, we walked with Mom back to the program area. Mom spotted Mr. R and her face lit up. She went and sat with him on a couch and they hugged. It was nice for my siblings, brother-in-law and niece to see Mom’s happiness in this relationship.

Mom with Julia, her oldest granddaughter. My other niece was unable to come to Ohio for the wedding.

One more family shot, with some laughter.


5 comments so far

  1. Jennifer Jayhawk on

    Ahhh, love the family photos. Your Mom looks good. Glad you all could take some family party pics. I love the last one with everyone laughing including your Mom.

  2. patwhite67 on

    I enjoyed the pictures a lot. Your mom looked good. Hope you had a wonderful weekend, enjoying being together and the wedding.

  3. momsbrain on

    Jennifer and Pat: Thanks for commenting! Mom did look good that day, I think. The weekend was a whirlwind and also super HOT, but also fun.

  4. Gloria Mueller on

    Thanks a lot for your blog address. I love the photos and your mom looks great. Getting the picture with her great big smile is a gem.

    You are a special and loving daughter to your mom and your concern for her welfare and happiness is outstanding and a blessing to both of you.

  5. momsbrain on

    Hi, Gloria. Thanks for reading so soon! And thanks for your supportive and kind words.

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