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No moping this Mother’s Day

The past several Mother’s Days sort of bummed me out. I approached the day this year with a better attitude. I visited Mom at the Alz center for a Mother’s Day tea the center hosts each year. Mr. R was with Mom today, so when I got there, the three of us just took a walk, sat for awhile, and then got up and walked again. I held one of Mom’s hands and Mr. R held the other. “I like this,” Mom said. “I really love this.” She was feeling the love, and that was good. I settled them on a couch and then got them some snacks from the dining room. Lots of people were eating in there, and I figured the action might make Mom restless. When I got back with the snacks, Mom had hoisted her legs onto Mr. R’s legs. She was at home, very comfortable. She had a few cubes of cheese and little pastries. Mr. R took a pastry, too. They both had some juice. I didn’t stay too long. When I left, I kissed Mom goodbye. I’ve collected some pictures of Mom as Mom to celebrate her life today.

Mom as a young mother, holding me. Jeff is on the left and Laura is on the right. This was in North Dakota. I was born on an Air Force base there. This must be late 1965.

Mom made me a birthday cake. I am guessing, based on where we lived, that this was in 1997, meaning I was turning 32. Mom liked to maintain these gestures - the cake is in a square baking pan with an assortment of candles. Nothing fancy, but still special and just for me.

This is a picture from our trip to Seattle to visit Jeff and Tom before they moved to the East Coast. Hmm, let's see. Summer of 2003? 2004? Jeff is at left, in the corner, then Tom, then my sister Laura, then me, then Mom. Patrick is in the front. I think this must be at the top of the Space Needle. This trip gave us all an indication that something might be wrong with Mom. She was a little off - she didn't seem able to follow our conversations. We had a lot of laughs, though.

Me and Mom today at the Alz center. I tried three times, but could not convince her to look at the camera. You can see I am wearing a corsage - the center gave all female family members corsages today in celebration of the day. "I'm not a mother," I said. "Doesn't matter," the activities director said.

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