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Wedding anniversary

On this day 16 years ago, Patrick and I got married. Back then, we lived in Athens, about 70 miles away from Columbus, where Mom lived. We visited Columbus often, and slept at her apartment if we stayed overnight. My dad and his family were in Columbus, too. Two years after our wedding, we moved to Columbus and we have happily lived here ever since. My sister was in New York at that time, and my brother was in Seattle. Several years ago, they switched coasts, with Jeff in New York City now and Laura in the San Francisco area. So for a long time, I was the only kid of Mom’s around, and we were close. Here she is with Patrick and me after our ceremony.

Mom with Patrick and me on our wedding day, March 25, 1995. We got married at the Dairy Barn in Athens, Ohio.

Our wedding was pretty informal. Our complete families surrounded us and made up our wedding party, essentially. Jeff sang. Laura read a poem. Patrick’s oldest brother spoke and did a reading. His middle brother gave a toast. Our mothers were our ring bearers. It was a beautiful warm and sunny day – a lucky thing in Ohio at this time of year.

I have a funny memory of wedding preparation that involved Mom. Even though we kept much of the planning pretty simple, we ended up inviting a lot of people. At one point, while we were talking on the phone, Mom said she’d like to help me with the wedding planning. I told her what I really needed help with was addressing invitations. If she came to Athens, we could do it together and get that job done. “Well, I’m not going to drive down there to do that,” she said. At the time, I was mad. But it lives on as sort of a classic Bonnie thing. I know she loved me and her offer to help was genuine. But she was not an energetic person. So I was asking too much. I admit that I have similar tendencies – sometimes, something fairly simple will appear to me to be a daunting task. This episode remains a standing joke between Patrick and me: “Do you need help with that?” “Yes, if you could hold this flashlight for a few minutes, I could get this done more quickly.” “Well, I’m not going to do THAT.” It’s all in fun. We both miss Mom.

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