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No more blogging about support group

I hurt a person I blogged about in my previous entry, by blogging about something she said at support group. She regrets it. I regret writing about it. She meant no harm. I should have known that blogging about it might cause harm. I also should have known I was not under attack, so why did I use this forum to give her a hard time? We are at support group for each other. We all are hurting in one way or another, or we wouldn’t be there.

This blog is supposed to be about a lot of things: an outlet for me, an homage to Mom, possibly helpful to others who might learn a thing or two about expecting the unexpected. It is not about being a bitch to other caregivers (or at least from here on out, that is my declaration).

I do allow myself to complain about the financial difficulties that I occasionally still encounter and I certainly felt free to complain about the administration of Mom’s previous facility when she was kicked out.

I also strive to maintain others’ privacy. But I failed on that point, too. I think I felt safe about writing about that particular support group session because there were only three family members there, and the rest of the attendees were nursing students. Well, I am busted instead. So support group is off limits, unless I want to blog about what I say at support group. Feel free to call me out if I break this new rule of mine.

And to my fellow caregiving daughter: I am sorry.

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