Beautiful Bonnie

A coworker told me today I had gone too long between posts on this blog. What a lift that was, to know someone is actually looking for my updates. I’m going to see Mom tomorrow morning – I’m enrolling her in a new research project, but very different from any drug clinical trial. I’ll explain more once I know more after I meet with the researcher and her student.

For tonight, one of my favorite photos of Mom. When we moved her to the first nursing home in August, we came across lots of loose pictures and photo albums. Mom has one scrapbook that contains several old 8 x 10 black-and-white photos from her youth. We all admired this one – my sister and nieces, brother and brother-in-law. I can only guess what Mom might be looking at in the picture, and what year it might be (early ’60s?). I feel safe in assuming the photographer was my dad. I’ve always imagined it was taken in the morning.

I gave my brother and nieces framed copies of this for Christmas, and have one for my sister. And I keep one on my desk at work, so I can pause and admire the beautiful young Bonnie from time to time, and be reminded that she has had a good life.


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  1. Sherri on

    What a great photo of your mom! I see her in you a lot more now.

  2. Nancy on

    I also liked seeing that picture of Bonnie – I remember her looking like that. I missed your Blog too and kept checking for it every couple of days. Since I can’t seem to get over to see her much I really like the pictures and hearing about her condition. She seems fairly content most of the time and always glad to see you. Your comments remind me a lot of things I went through when our mother was going through her cancer treatments and surgeries etc, She {Bonnie} always had lots of friends from childhood thru her whole life and seems to still draw them.

  3. momsbrain on

    Hi, Sherri and Nancy! I do love this photo. It’s funny, though, I don’t see myself in it. Nancy: I will try to do better at keeping this updated. I do have another post to add about a new study Mom will be in. As for Grandma – I can only imagine what you went through during that time. I remember she would write letters to Mom during chemo, when she was sick afterward. I probably have some of those letters somewhere…! Thanks for the comments.

  4. plettahar on

    it is a great photo and i agree with sherri — you look a lot like the best of your mom!

  5. Elizabeth on

    That’s a fantastic photo, Emily; I’m really happy to see it. I can definitely see you in that picture, as well as Laura and Julia! Glad things sound like they’re still going well.

  6. foodhoe on

    What a lovely shot, she looks so young and powerful.

  7. momsbrain on

    Thanks, all! Elizabeth: I definitely see Julia in there. Hi, foodhoe – I hope things are going well with your family.

  8. Lauren on

    Hey Em–finally catching up on your blog. Have to agree that there is a lot of you in this picture and now I can see where your beauty originated.

  9. momsbrain on

    Lauren, Well, shucks, thank you. I guess I am in there, but it’s hard for me to see in that particular photo.

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