Mom’s Medicaid application is approved. At least verbally. I should get a letter in the mail soon. I’m so glad I can stop carting around a huge envelope of documentation with me wherever I go. I was doing that just in case the case worker or a nursing home might call with a question or a demand for more documentation.

I spent about a half hour on the phone with my Medicaid case worker before we settled this. I haven’t heard boo from her for almost two months but today she called me urgently to talk about the case. It’s a good thing we talked. She was convinced I hadn’t successfully reduced Mom’s bank account to under $1,500 for August and was going to approve for only Sept. 1 and later. Meaning Mom’s 20 nights of nursing home care in August would be private pay. There is something called Act 52 for these kinds of application problems that allows for gradual payment of bills not considered eligible. But I couldn’t see why she said Mom had too much money when I could see her balance at the end of August was about $1,080. She said we were at $1,510, and asked me several times if I might have a bill from August for $10 in purchases for Mom that I had forgotten about.

She and I both had our computers going, I was flipping through my paper files, and we finally figured out that she was counting an old retirement account of $400 or so against Mom’s August bank balance because she had forgotten to notice that it had been cleared. In early August. So she fixed that on her computer, and with a few keystrokes said approval moved up to Aug. 1. “Now I can approve that bad boy,” she said. These case workers are so overloaded. Even though I was in a panic about the approval date, I tried to stay calm and just ask her if we could take another look to be sure. I’m so glad I did that. She was actually quite nice. She called me “Hon.”

I think I might have a few drinks tonight to celebrate. Good news for a Friday afternoon.


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  1. Jenny on


  2. plettahar on

    good for you, Hon!!! ’bout tine you got some good news going here. yay!

  3. Suzanne Steel on

    🙂 yay! I hope you celebrated!

  4. Elizabeth on

    Yay!!! Glad to hear the good news.

  5. momsbrain on

    Thanks, all!

  6. jeff on

    I’m glad and also relieved for you about the approval. It’s so good that you had all of your documentation; that would have been a crappy situation if we had to foot the bill for Whetstone in August, especially considering their shenanigans.

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