How to ruin my day

The administrative types at Mom’s previous facility sure do have a knack for pissing me off. I suppose it could just be me, since I am the common denominator and there are at least three people there who can set me off. But I have a hunch they just have a talent for making me angry because all of my interactions with them now revolve around money. As in, they want their Medicaid money for the 15 days Mom slept at and was “cared for” at their nursing facility. The business manager just called to ask if I have talked to my case worker’s supervisor at Medicaid to see if that can speed the process along. Well, I have not made that call. I feel no need to hurry the process along – not on their behalf, anyhow, though it would be nice for me to have it finished up – and I really don’t care to anger my case worker by going over her head.

Meanwhile, the business manager at the Alz center, where Mom has been since Aug. 28, takes a far different approach when she talks to me. She gives me guidance, tells me how things will work. Of course, she wants the money, too. The facilities have staff to pay and bills to pay. But she said she didn’t think a call to the supervisor was particularly crucial. She didn’t think it would necessarily be harmful, but she didn’t push me to do it. I kind of think – these business managers know the case workers and supervisors better than I do. Why don’t they just make the call if it is something that might move things along? Also, the Alz center business manager told me that the previous facility told them Mom had already been approved for Medicaid when they were doing whatever communication goes on between facilities during a transfer. So they lied, too. Was that to hustle Mom out of there? Would the Alz center otherwise not have accepted her? I really don’t know. But the whole thing just makes me crazy.

And I have been thinking that we have passed the three-month point since I applied for Medicaid. I would like that to be resolved, with approval, of course, so I have one less thing to worry about. I sent a new bank statement from Mom’s account to the case worker at the end of September. I sent her a note a few weeks ago asking if she needs anything else from me. She doesn’t respond to me. The last time I talked to her, in late August, she said she was working on May cases. And the business managers tell me that’s how it is: the case workers work in chronological order. My application date is June 22. I would guess that she should be working on June cases by now, but what the hell do I really know?


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  1. plettahar on

    remember our earlier conversation — “people suck.” there’s really not much else to say…

  2. momsbrain on

    So true, so true, that absolutely applies.

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