A new room

Just got a call from the social worker at the Alz center. A bed opened up in the wing that houses the large program area so Mom gets to move to that side of the building. She spends virtually of her time there or on the lobby couch, the social worker said. Mom definitely has a solid reputation for loving the lobby couch. This means she will switch dining areas, as well, which will be nice, because it’s just a cheerier setting in the program area, which converts to a dining room for meals. That is really the only thing I haven’t been crazy about in the Alz center – the dining room on the skilled side of the building is a little bit depressing and really institutional.

“Do I need to come and take care of her stuff?” I asked. No, the social worker said – the staff will handle moving everything. Stunning and good news. I never did hang up any pictures in her current room. Now I will be motivated to finish the decorating – with an old print and a few collages of photos.

Tomorrow we are scheduled to have a care conference about Mom around lunchtime. I’ll plan to get there early and see her new room. And then I plan to finally attend the family support group meeting tomorrow night, as well. These are the only weekly Alzheimer caregiver support groups that I have ever found in central Ohio. I have attended just twice before and then didn’t go back for a variety of reasons. It’s open to families of residents of the center plus anyone else who is a caregiver, but I always felt the leader of the meeting placed emphasis on the residents’ families – with good reason, since he knows them personally. Now I will fit in. All other support groups in the area are monthly, and I just never felt that that was frequent enough, so I never even gave one a try.

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  1. sandy on

    This facility seems to be a big improvement!

  2. momsbrain on

    Sandy, it is SO much better than the previous place. I feel lucky.

    I just viewed your cruise photos. Looks wonderful! I could eat congee for breakfast every day! I still have never tried a cruise but I would like to. I’m glad your parents were able to go – that’s a very nice thing.

  3. jeff on

    Emily – you know how we feel about cruising!! You’re always invited to go, you know.
    Hope we can solve that soon.
    If you get the chance can you take pictures of the new room? I’m so glad things seem to continue to improve there. Such a 180 in such a short time. 🙂

  4. momsbrain on

    Yes, Jeff, I thought of you while looking at her photos – though she was in Alaska.

    I was thinking the same thing – I will take some pictures of the room today.

  5. Tom on

    The news just keeps getting better. I was glad to read in your previous posts that you’re able to take more time for yourself without an overwhelming sense of guilt. That’s great news!

  6. momsbrain on

    Hi, Tom. Yes, I went a whole week without seeing Mom, with only a little guilt. That was unexpected – just had stuff piling up. I saw her today and she said she’s lonesome when I’m not there. I think that could be a small adjustment to yet another new room, even though overall she’s not all that aware of her living circumstances. At least I hope so. But I told her I would try to see her more often.

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