Poop city

I didn’t see or talk to Mom from Wednesday’s lunch and grooming session to Sunday just before dinner. I didn’t intend for that to be the case, but knowing my sister would be arriving Sunday evening, I guess I was subconsciously thinking that we would make up for that lost visit time. And then on Sunday afternoon, I dozed off for a nap and woke up at 4:30, just a half hour before Mom’s dinner. I jumped up and raced to her facility, getting there in 10 minutes. But she was already in the dining room, as was everyone else, so I just went to her apartment to take a look at what might need some adjustment before my sister’s arrival.

The couch cushions were all over the floor – a common thing. I’m not really sure what goes through Mom’s mind with regard to the cushions, but she tends to scatter them about the little living room. I put them back in place. The cat was lying on the table, a new spot, possibly cooler since it was a hot day. I went into the bathroom, saw very little litter activity, and then noticed, unfortunately, that there was a smear of poo on Mom’s toilet seat. I cleaned that off, washed my hands, and tried to clean it a little more thoroughly. And washed my hands again. Then to the bedroom, where I could see in the cat food bowls that mold had grown at the bottom of both bowls. At about this point, I felt like an utter failure. I threw away the food and washed the bowls and refilled them with fresh dry food. The cat came in immediately to eat. I watched him, and noticed he was having trouble chewing. He gave up pretty quickly, to my horror. He got up on the bed. I checked his mouth – no sore on his tongue like the other cat. I assumed he must have a bad tooth, meaning I need to take him to the vet. I found the spiky little brush in a drawer by Mom’s bed, and gave him a good brushing, because he’s not doing a very good job of grooming himself latelyk. He meowed a lot, perhaps in complaint, perhaps because he has always been a vocal kitty.

I wanted to pop in on Mom before she had been served her dinner, so I scooted into the dining room to say hello. She had on a red shirt, which was new since I last saw her, but also had on the same gray pants I had encouraged her to put on on Wednesday. Which made me wonder about her underwear status. I didn’t notice a strong smell, so that was good. I told her I was just visiting quickly but that my sister and I would be visiting her tomorrow to spend some time with her. She stood up, threw her hands in the air, and yelled “Hallelujah!” I was amused and stunned, feeling that I need to stop these disruptions to her meals because of her unpredictable behavior. I hugged her and said goodbye.

I realized I ought to get the cat some canned food that he can actually eat. I considered waiting until the next day to bring it, knowing I’d be back. But I realized the poor guy was hungry and made a quick trip to a nearby Kroger to buy him some food. Upon my return to Mom’s apartment, no more than 15 minutes later, I found him back in his favorite spot by the window in the living room, but also noticed he had pooped on Mom’s bed. I was both dismayed, of course, to discover this, but also relieved that he has managed recently to get enough nutrition to produce some poop. It was an easy cleanup. I then sprayed the bed and couch with two kinds of odor neutralizers just for good measure. I then opened a can of food and put it in his bowl and held it in front of him on his bench by the window. He dug right in. I moved it back to the feed spot in Mom’s bedroom and carried him to it, and he kept working on it. Poor hungry kitty, poor poopy kitty.

I wondered what Mom might make of the cat food change. I assume she’ll notice it. I just hope she leaves it alone and leaves the empty can in the trash. I’ll find out soon enough. Today we’re taking her to lunch and to campus, where we think she might enjoy walking around Mirror Lake looking at the ducks. The plan for the next day: a trip to the zoo to see the baby elephant.


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