I just called Mom at around 2 in the afternoon. Wanted to check on her. The last two times I’ve seen her, she has complained of feeling a little worried and depressed. However, she is simply unable to tell me what’s wrong. She often tries to discuss the cat, or other cats, but makes no sense. Her cat is always in the same spot. She is feeding him. I think they cuddle sometimes. I am not sure why cats are almost always the subject of her conversation. Unless, of course, she uses the cat to describe worries she has about herself. She also talks a lot about going downstairs. She lives on the ground floor of her facility. I wonder if she could be remembering something she dreamed about. This is just occurring to me. All I know is I try to convince her everything is fine. She has everything she needs. The cat is doing well and is safe. But she doesn’t seem convinced.

Today when I called, though, she was napping. I was just about to hang up after four rings when she answered. I asked if she had been sleeping and she said yes. “But I’ve been sleeping before,” she said. I guess that means she might feel ready to wake up? I urged her to hang up so she could go back to sleep. “What are you going to do?” she asked. I told her I’m still at work, so I’ll be working. I just wanted to call to see how she’s doing. “I think it’s pretty good,” she said. That is good news to me. At least for that fleeting moment, she wasn’t fretting. I don’t want her to fret.


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  1. Sherri on

    You know, Emily, I was wondering the same thing – if your Mom projects her feelings / concerns onto her companion – her cat. Maybe it’s easier for her to observe and report as opposed to just explain. Frustrating, I’m sure. I’m glad she had a pretty good day.

  2. Gemma on

    What happens to the cat? Does it move with her in July?

  3. momsbrain on

    The cat will move back to my house. No cats allowed in the nursing home. And I have no idea how that will affect Mom. I feel in some ways like it might be a relief since she never seems to know where he is. Then again, if he represents her and he goes away, who knows how she might react to that…

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