Mom called sometime after 2 today. I asked how she is and she said, “All the stuff is gone.” I asked what stuff she was talking about. “Where the pee is going to go all over.” I asked if she was talking about cat litter, but I knew she had plenty of that. Then I asked if she is out of underwear. Yes, she said, she needs underwear. I had a package of the disposable underwear in my car, which I was going to drop off tomorrow when I take Mom for her haircut. And I could have sworn that the last time I was at her apartment, she had enough to get her to Saturday. I told her I think she has some, and that I will bring her more tomorrow. That seemed to relieve her. We talked a bit about the cat, about going to lunch tomorrow before the haircut.

Then she went back to the underwear. “I’m having it run down my leg sometimes,” she said. I asked if she currently had pee on her legs. “There was a problem with wet stuff. It’s dry right now. But you never know when it comes running out of there.” This was causing me to worry. The last time I was at Mom’s, I thought her bedroom smelled a little musty. I didn’t want it to be pee, so I imagined it was just … something else. We were winding down the conversation, and she said, “So you think I should let the pee right out of there? Because when it comes, it comes.” That’s it, I thought. “I’m coming over,” I said. “I’ll bring you some underwear right now.” She seemed pleased by this.

When I got to her apartment, she was wearing pants without any underwear at all underneath, not even cotton. Those are no longer part of her habit, I guess, which is just as well since her incontinence is only going to get worse. I gave her a pair of the plastic pants to put on. I also found one unused pair in her dresser drawer. “How did you do that?” she said about that discovery.

This time, her bedroom just smelled like plain old pee. I flushed the toilet, scooped the litter, sprayed some Febreeze. But I still felt like I hadn’t located the source of the pee odor. I never want to get too close to anything with my nose – just in case I might come upon a smell that’s too much for me to take. I sniffed a jacket hanging on her door. Definite pee odor. I told her I was going to put it in the laundry basket to be washed. She said the cat peed on her jacket. He just squatted on it and peed, she said. Well, I do not believe that. The litter box shows evidence that the cat uses it for pee and poop. I figured Mom somehow had an accident and managed to get pee on her jacket. I threw a few more pieces of clothing in the basket, assuming they, too, smelled like pee because they had been hanging under the jacket. Mom decided then that she had to pee, and she used the toilet. I could hear her muttering to herself while she was in the bathroom. I don’t like it that she does that, but then again, why do I care? She came out without her pants or shoes on, deciding she wanted to change her pants. Whatever, I said. “I just want to make sure you’re dressed,” I told her. She put on her pink Crocs and we went out to the lobby. I went back to work and she sat in the lobby with her friends.

I admit I cannot wait until her hair is cut tomorrow and I have dropped her back off at her facility. The rest of the weekend is me time.

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