Better today

I called Mom, with some trepidation. I wasn’t sure I was ready for another circular conversation about her apartment and her cat. But I really wanted to check on her. Otherwise I assume the worst.

I think I woke her from a little nap, but I’m not sure. She didn’t seem groggy, but she said she had been sleeping with her cat. She also said her cat is on the bed, and I’m pretty sure the only phone she uses is in the living room. But it’s not important.

I asked how everything was and she said, “I think everything is OK.” Great response. She asked if any events are occurring. I said, not for a week. In a week, we’ll get her hair cut. But I told her I would visit tomorrow. And she said, “It’s always fun to see the kitty.” True enough. She sounded a little more chipper, and her voice gave away no signs of anxiety. I am relieved.

I sense I have had nothing but bad news to report about Mom recently. It has been an odd week with her. But I do also have a dad, and today is his 70th birthday. And that is significant, because at age 55, he had a heart transplant. I am so happy to be able to celebrate this milestone birthday with him and his wife tonight. We’re all going out to dinner. My husband and I will secretly, in our minds, also be observing our own 14th wedding anniversary, which was March 25. So there is much good in my life to balance this bad thing. And I do try to maintain that perspective.


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