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Phone notes

So, I’m decent at note-taking because of my profession. I called Mom today just to see how things were, whether she seemed to be feeling anxiety. I tend to jot little meaningless notes when I talk on the phone, and I was doing that when I realized she was saying so many things that indicated she is so very lost. I decided to try to write it all down and just put it all in one place. In between, I might have tried to say something reassuring, or yes or no, or agree with her. But it was hard to know how to respond.

“I called a couple of times. To tell you the usual stuff. I thought you were mad at me or something.”

“The cat is not very nervous about it. We were there for a little bit.”

“I still can’t figure out where my place is. You ought to come over and see him one of these days.”

Here, I mentioned I had been there yesterday. I also asked, “Doesn’t that feel like your home, your apartment?” And she replied: “I don’t know. The cat hasn’t told me.”

“Everything has been going pretty well. People would be nice if something happened.”

“I can’t figure out what it is. It’s my usual craziness.”

“My cat doesn’t know how to do a telephone.”

“I had called a couple of times.”

“Is he (the cat) at your house?”

You can’t talk for awhile, I assume [because I said I was at work].”

“We still haven’t done anything about my hair.”

“The cat is comfortable where she is. She likes it.”

“I can open the door and let her out. What do you think?” Here, I said it’s better not to let the cat out, but that Mom can come and go as she pleases.

“Today I’d been around doing things. I don’t know, I still haven’t figured it out. I know the thing to do is go ahead and do what you want to. You told me it was afterwards. This is a different thing. It’s older.” Here, I’m pretty sure she was looking at facility calendars on her coffee table.

“So I won’t be seeing you for awhile? I called many times and I couldn’t get anyone on the telephone.”

“Is there any other news?”

“There was a thing, this might be last week.”

I asked her if she attended an activity today.

“It’s OK to me to miss one because I get worried about my cat.”

“Oh, the issue was. What was it? … Are you waiting for me? I may not want to go out to bingo.”

“Next time, we can do something different.”

“Thanks for calling. What is your phone number? Let me write it down. Hello?”

“Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.”

“OK, I’ll remember about the hair.”

I really have no words. Except that if she did call, she didn’t leave messages.

Maybe tomorrow WILL be a better day.

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