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A walk in the sun

I’m going away for a few days to see old college friends in Chicago, some who live there and some others who also travel for the visit. It’s an annual thing, and quite fun. We fit lots of catching up into one long weekend. Now that I am blogging, I won’t necessarily be needy for them to ask me about Mom. And that is a relief. Because who knows if they are comfortable asking? Who wants to go there? It’s a shitty subject. But we are also of the age where elderly parents and potential caregiving are a reality for most of us. So, who knows where the conversation might take us.

I visited Mom to spend some time with her before we go. It’s unusually warm here, and I suggested we go walking outside to enjoy the sun. Mom seemed to enjoy that. We didn’t say much. It was windy. We went to the grass at the edge of the parking lot, hoping to see some Canada geese. It’s still early for regular sightings, I guess. We tried to converse a little. At one point, Mom said, “I’m not good at this. I can’t find the words.” I told her she didn’t have to say a word. Just let the wind blow her hair, look up to the sun, imagine the grass and trees turning green. If she can imagine that… and what the new seasons bring. I enjoyed the visit. In the past, she has expressed anxiety about me going away. Or has seemed not to retain the information. This time, she said, “Have a good visit with your friends.” With that kind of encouragement, it will be much easier to relax about leaving town.

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