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Baby steps

No calls from Mom today. I thought about calling her to make sure all was well with the cat. But I figure it’s fine to leave well enough alone. If she’s not calling, she’s not worried about anything. I am glad she is still able to make the call to my work number. I have feared at times that that capability is slipping, too.

I decided to take a bus today to an interview rather than dealing with parking. It’s a small green thing I also like to do from time to time. I thought I could get a little fresh air and sunshine, and wake myself up with brisk cold air so I’d be alert for the late-afternoon assignment. I noticed as I was walking to the bus stop that my head was hanging dramatically forward. I was really slumping. Looking at the ground. I catch myself walking that way around the office, too. So I stood up straight. Looked up. It immediately made me feel a little better, just a little more alive. Made me feel taller. Probably made me look better. Or at least less pathetic.

And all I could think was: Keep your chin up, girl. Figuratively AND, it appears, literally.

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