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No drama

And then there are days like today. I haven’t talked to Mom all week. This can be a good sign, because she usually thinks to call me when she needs something. Or it can be a bad sign that she has forgotten she can call me anytime. So I called this morning and she sounded pretty peppy. She is doing fine. She would like some more cat food. She never likes it when there is an apparent shortage of cat food and she seems to have her own internal gauge of when the supply looks low. I can take care of that – just a quick visit to the vet and delivery at my next visit to Mom’s. I told her I’d bring a new bag over in a day or two. “Well good, that makes me feel better,” she said. And when there was nothing else to discuss, she was ready to hang up and go on with her day. And now I can peacefully go on with mine, as well.

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