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Mom called today. She is out of disposable underwear. I swear, I need to learn to buy LOTS at a single run to the store. That would be a lot easier if stores were properly stocked with her size, extra large. So, I have a lunchtime visit to Target planned, then a swing by her facility. It’s on days like these that I buy some huge, salty portion of food for lunch and then feel sort of gross the rest of the day. It’s as if I already feel fairly bad, so why not take that to the next level, as they say?

I also discovered today that I have been double-counting a certain annuity fund of hers for which I routinely receive two statements. I get one quarterly statement from some outside annuity firm, plus the sum is included on a monthly statement from her bank. It was just today that I realized they are one and the same. Hence, she has thousands of dollars less than I thought. And, this means I have another lunchtime errand scheduled next week, when I have to go to the bank to transfer that annuity into checking so I can write enormous monthly checks for her assisted living care.

Today is not a particularly good day.

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