Confusion continues

Mom was expecting me the other night. She was still at dinner when I arrived. I watched her in the dining room, laughing and smiling with one of her friends and a regular at her table. By the time she spotted me, though, she seemed rattled. She gets a pill after dinner, and the nurse had to specifically ask Mom to put the pill in her mouth. We sat in the lobby for a bit and then went to her apartment, where the cat continued to be a confusing presence for her. She also had a pair of cotton underwear in her purse.

That was Thursday. Saturday and Sunday passed peacefully, a long weekend with lots of playoff football to watch.

She called Monday, which was a holiday for me, leaving two phone messages in my office voice mail.
9:28 a.m. “Hello this is B. Um, with E. And uh, let’s see.” (Hangs up.)
9:30 a.m. “Hello this is, uh, B, E’s friend. So, um, I don’t have… I don’t know what I’ll do. Bye.”

I’m pretty sure she needed some underwear – the disposable kind, which she began wearing in August when I realized someone was peeing on the couch in her apartment. I had the cats checked out. The male had what looked like a possible bladder infection and was medicated. Some peeing stopped, but not all of it. The female cat was fine. So I realized, with some horror, that Mom was the one peeing. In the middle of her bed, on her couch cushion, on the ottoman. I also found other evidence, such as pairs of cotton underwear thrown into the trash. She once described one of those pairs as “not working anymore.” Which I thought was sort of funny, and true.

She transitioned pretty easily to disposable underwear. She found them comfortable and didn’t seem to notice that they left some visible lines depending on what she is wearing. Her only problem is proper disposal. I find used underwear in drawers, on her bed, in her closet, and occasionally in the trash can.

So, I took her some new underwear on Monday evening, filling her drawers with a two-week supply. I also taped two pictures of the cat to her apartment door to help her find her home. The receptionists have been helping her find her door for about a week. An aide recommended the pictures. I wonder if they’re still there. Mom called me today at work to report that the cat is misbehaving. This is a fat, old cat who does little more than sleep, eat and poop. She is not a reliable source, but I think she might be carrying him around the assisted living facility to show off her new (but really old) cat to her friends. And that makes him squirm. For now, she has agreed to keep him. But she wants me to report any problems he might be causing…

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  1. foodhoe on

    Hello, I recently found your site and just wanted to say that I love these stories!

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