Double up

I haven’t talked to Mom today, which is becoming more common. She used to call me almost daily after her move to an assisted living facility in October 2007. Then, the calls became less frequent as she became more comfortable there and developed friendships. Now, she mostly calls to report something, and often something bad – at least bad in her mind. So no news is typically good news. If I don’t hear from her for a few days, I call her to check her mood and just get a feel for how things are going.

I am thinking about her today, though, because it’s about 8 degrees outside, so I hope she’s warm. Her apartment is usually too warm. But she often keeps a window cracked open to provide fresh air for the cat – the cat who has become a mystery to her, even though he has lived with her for three years.

So, I’m wondering how many pairs of pants she is wearing today. I took her to lunch this week, and while we were in the car, she told me she had two pairs of pants on. The bulk around her thighs suggested this was true. When I dropped her off, I wanted to know for sure, so I asked her if she truly had two pairs of pants on. She pulled down the top gray pair of sweatpants to expose the waistband of another pair of cotton gray pants beneath. “I do that sometimes,” she said. The cold weather makes me think it’s a good day for two pairs of pants. But Mom doesn’t really need a reason.


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