Maybe I should start at the beginning

So, I’ve been my mom’s primary caregiver for more than two years. Why start a blog now?

I have tried to hand-write a journal, but didn’t stick to it. I’m a writer by profession, so it’ s convenient and comfortable to write on a computer. I enjoy reading other blogs, and in many cases, the more personal they are, the more interesting they are.

Also, I took a look around and didn’t many blogs on this subject. Which shocks me. And many are somewhat serious in nature, trying to help newbies to Alzheimer’s find online resources. There is definitely a place for that, and I am grateful those sites exist. But this will not be one of them.

If I am going to help anyone, it will be by exposing the oddities of the Alzheimer’s experience. If I can remember to do so, I am going to transcribe some phone messages my mother leaves me. Even better would be recording our conversations. I have read a lot about this disease – books, listserves, Web sites, brochures, news stories. I am still surprised by my mom’s behavior. I think that’s partly because it is my MOM doing these weird things. But also, everyone’s a little different. All Alzheimer’s patients might be confused and forgetful, but the way that manifests is a very individual experience, I suspect. A peek into my mom’s life might just give others a hint at what they can expect.

And for those who know me, this might explain a thing or two about how I am behaving on any given day.


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  1. Lovedy on

    I am so grateful I found you. I am my grandmothers caregiver. She is living with us, in our home. I started blogging about the funny experiences I’ve encountered since she’s been with us. Focusing on the funny things is a way for me to keep a positive attitude while caring for her. It’s getting harder to find the humor in those moments. It is my daily prayer that I remain loving and kind towards her. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  2. momsbrain on

    Lovedy, thanks for visiting and commenting. Having your grandmother live with you is the most loving and kind act of all. I’d be interested in seeing your blog, if you’d care to share the link.

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